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Increasing numbers of Canadians will no longer tolerate the degrading effects of obscenity on their families, children, neighborhoods, and business districts. Pornography has a negative impact on men, children, women and the communities we live and work in.

Pornography proliferates with impunity into our homes, communities, and country.


C.A.S.E. exists to protect all children from sexual exploitation.


To Educate, Influence and Partner

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"Pornography is not just a freedom of expression issue. It also involves the constitutional rights of children to life, liberty and security. Children must have the right to live free of pornography and the desensitization caused by pornography." Dolina Smith, Past President, Canadians Addressing Sexual Exploitation

"The fight against child sexual abuse and the legislative changes needed to back it up will never succeed unless the public wakes up to the nightmare in its own backyard." (Retired) Detective Sergeant Paul Gillespie, Toronto, Ontario, Police Sex Crime Unit

"Pornography addiction is an epidemic in this country that has affected millions of men, women and children. But boom beach hack tool the addict is just one of the many victims of pornography. Jan LaRuo, Family Research Council's Senior Director of Legal Studies

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